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Security Code push changes every minute - eliminates the capability of counterfeit devices enhancing the security of the device to a level never created before
Distribution accessibility accessed remotely worldwide
Revenue stream (multiple advertising opportunities available and changeable for various events)
Free App that allows the user to register once and it is reprogrammable for an unlimited amount of events
Event organizers have the ability to change advertisers, events dates, locations, designs and permissions
Back Lit Lighted display (auto adjustable for visibility in dark areas  and in bright sunlight screen
Strap Case Assembly™ for every smartphone (Hangs or clips in Portrait and or landscape modes)
Automatic entry scanned wirelessly (eliminates the need to hand scan via RFID Sun Pass and EZpass)
Completely controlled by the event organizers (and or their preferred register companies)
Battery backup built into smartphone Strap cases assembly™
Stackable and rechargeable with the same charger as you use for your smartphone now
Solar charging of our backup battery in our smartphone strap case and dedicated ePass units
Environmentally Friendly
Weather proof Strap case assembly (successfully tested to work in inclement weather situations)
Redundant backup - freeze barcode last sent to image on strap case assembly in case back up power fails)
Wireless Hand scanners options (can be hand scanned as back up to RFID entrance detection)
TEXT emergency or simple messages to each individual user directly or to all at same time (vibrate to notify of message from organizer)
Print Button The Dedicated ePass Device is equipped with a designated print button that can send a wireless signal to a local recognized printer
GPS, Internet, Bluetooth, RFID and Infra Red constant communication with user and event organizer admin back end system
Tracking 24/7/365 on our dedicated ePass™ units and Strap Case Assembly™ in case of loss, misplaced or stolen.
Statistical Capability - enables for  event organizers to track arrival and location of individual wearing device

eCredentials™ has the technology to connect into PayPal, allowing the user of ePass™ the ability to purchase items and allow for the ePass™ to deduct the amount from a set up credit amount system for that user.

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