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Automatically changing bar code system™" by eCredentials™, Inc.

Distribution (accessibility accessed remotely worldwide)

Our patents and trademarks protected Intellectual Property Algorithms, and support systems equipment
Strap Case Assembly™ (solar charged, stackable plug in charged, battery back up, RFID sensor) for all smartphones
Dedicated ePass™ units (solar charged, stackable plug in charged, battery back up, RFID locator)
ePass™ eCredentials™ App on all app stores or online at our website - download free to all users to register, and to event organizers to securely utilize
Back end Admin system - PC based licensed or sold to any event organizers or their appointed register company
Wireless hand bar code scanner equipment (Standard equipment)
Wireless automatic entrance auto changing barcode™ RFID scanner reader equipment (our Intellectual property version of RFID tied to our changing barcode system™ scanner)

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